Greek Legal & Real Estate Services

At Greek Real Estate Legal Services , "straight talk" guides everything we do. It’s how we converse with clients, colleagues, experts—and even our adversaries. It means we pursue issues head-on, rather than detouring into legalese. It means we cut through the confusion and find simple solutions to help our clients succeed.

Honest, frank advice. After all, you don’t go to a professional like to be told exactly what you want to hear. You seek to sort things out which are a problem for you. We follow the highest ethical standards of professional conduct in spirit and to the letter.

Top quality expertise in all areas being dealt from our team.

Concise, jargon-free communication in plain, friendly English.

Transparency about costs. Depending on the nature of your case, this may be;

  • a fixed fee, or
  • an hourly rate (perhaps within an agreed budget) or
  • a conditional fee, partly dependant on the result

Regular updates on what has happened in your case. We try to be accessible even out-of-hours.

Value-for-money. All our clients should go away believing that they received the best possible advice/service in their particular circumstances.