Donation in Greece

In order to donate your property, an official contract signed by a notary is required.

Donation tax

The beneficiaries of the donated property are classified into three (3) categories

  • The first category consists of the spouse of the benefactor, the descendants of the first degree, the descendants by blood of the second degree, the ascendants by blood of the first degree. As far as adopted descendants are concerned, the law stipulates that they are to be treated as natural children.
  • The second category includes descendants of the third and subsequent degrees, ascendants of the second and subsequent degrees, voluntarily or judicially recognized children against the ascendants of the father who acknowledged them, descendants of the child that was voluntarily or judicially recognized against the father who recognized the former against the former’s ascendants, the siblings, the collateral blood relatives of the third degree, the stepfathers and stepmothers, children from the previous marriage of the spouse, the children by marriage (groom, bride) and the ascendants by marriage (father-in-law, mother-in-law).
  • The third category consists of any other person, except those of the first two categories and any other third person.

Tax scale

First category:

Tax scale in € Scale factor (%)
Up to 150.000 -
From 150.001 to 300.000 1
From 300.001 to 600.000 5
Excess 10

Second category:

Tax scale in € Scale factor (%)
Up to 30.000 -
From 30.001 to 70.000 5
From 70.001 to 200.000 10
Excess 20

Third category:

Tax scale in € Scale factor (%)
Up to 6.000 -
From 6.001 to 66.000 20
From 66.001 to 195.000 30
Excess 40

In relation to the taxation of real estate property, the objective value is taken into account, which results from by the Public Financial Services of Greece on the basis of certain objective evaluative information, such as the area in which the real estate is situated, its size, its age etc.

Case study

An uncle wants to give his nephew a house which objective value is 50.000 euros. The nephew belongs to the second tax category. For the 30.000 euros, there will be no tax imposed and for the nest 20.000 euros, there will be granted tax of 5%. That results to the amount of 1,000 euros.