Real Estate in Greece
Property Management

The real estate market in Greece is in a large formative phase due to the continually decreasing prices and the increasing buying interest, in particular by foreign investors.

If you want to buy property, a real estate agent is of great importance in the search for the most appropriate real estate choice for every business, investor or individual. We support a well organized cluster of specialized partners in real estate agency among Greece with knowledge and experience in their field of expertise.

The right time to buy land or property in Greece is now. Prices are remarkably low and there are plenty of bargains, which we can indicate to you promptly and reliably. From buying a beach house at our beautiful islands or a piece of land at the so called “European California” to sharing the dream of the Olympus Riviera, we are here to find it for you, whatever your budget is. We offer customized services which help you meet your needs. We can find you investment orientedproperty with a cash back starting from 8% per year, such as hotels, villas for rent or any other professional space. We can even make your dream come true, if you plan onconstructing any kind of building to meet your personal needs and invest in Greece. Our network of experts can listen and identify your needs and offer you every solution you might need.

All we need from you is a letter of intent (L.O.I.) for our team to proceed with the best possible solution and a wide range of options according to your needs.

Before you get involved in a transaction of real estate in Greece, you must ensure that certain safeguards have been met.Greek property transactions are put into effect by concluding a notarized, precisely worded contract of sale. A legal requirement is that the property must be legally constructed or if there are any discrepancies, these must be legalized or regulated, according to Law 4495/2017. The change of title is effected upon registration with the Land Registry having jurisdiction for the real estate.If buildings are concerned, you also need aCertificate of energy efficiency. When it comes to agricultural land, official forest maps are now certified in Greece and first of all you must ensure that your land is outside these limits.

Whether you are the current owner of a Greek property wishing to sell it or interested in acquiring property, we are a group of experts (lawyers, notaries, engineers, tax advisors, accountants, real estate agents) who can protect your interests nationwide and ensure the completion of the transaction in a legally clear and secure way. We can supervise the whole procedure, from the beginning to the end, without your presence being required in Greece and make everything easy for you.

We also provide property related services such as management of your property in Greece by renting it for you and having control of your property since you are abroad, without having to worry.We can indicate you bargains orprotect your property from trespassing, something very common in Greece. If you want to build a house, we can also undertake the task to issue a building permit and supervise the construction of your building from day one until your first night at your new house!!!