"Anthoula P. Russo"

Hello, my name is Anthoula P. Russo and I have been living in America for nearly 40 years. In that time period I have been traveling back and forth to Greece to visit family and friends at least once a year. My husband fell in love with Greece and we eventually plan on retiring to my home town of Katerini , Thessaloniki area. We have done some legal items in Greece like registering our marriage and the births of our children with the Greek State which took nearly 2 years to accomplish. In that same time period we also purchased a piece of land to build our retirement home and started paying our Greek taxes. My husband and I thought we were doing really good , but nothing could prepare us for the legal nightmare that was to come...

Last year my mother at the age of 75 was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. My family in Greece could not afford to take care of her due to the financial crisis so I needed to take care of my mother and her finances. Luckily , some time earlier my mother gave me a “power of attorney” to help her with some bill payments and some land transactions. I immediately traveled to Greece to assume my mother’s affairs and find her a nursing home to spend the rest of her days.

I arrived in Greece where finding a nursing home was a priority and pretty much straight forward and easy to accomplish. Now that my mother was safe and secure I turned my attention to her finances. Alzheimer’s disease is an accumulative disease. People are not healthy one day and sick the next. It turns out that my mother had been sick and showing signs of the disease for the last 5 years. My mother’s finances were a complete mess. My mother had overdue bills , land and income taxes were not paid , and her bank accounts were compromised. Many people took advantage of her disease. They took out loans in my mother’s name or had her co-sign loans at various banks which basically left flat broke and in massive debt. My family tried to help but few were willing to get involved or couldn’t help and even the advice they provided , 90% was ineffective. Greek laws have changed so rapidly and enganging the Greek government is a never ending day waiting in Greek offices for people to provide a stamp or signature. I needed to find a good lawyer or someone who knew how the system worked to help me navigate my mother’s affairs. I went to a ton of lawyers in Greece but few were willing to take on my mother’s affairs or were extremely expensive. Then one day my uncle introduced me to a lawyer named Mr Konstantinos Dimopoulos Esq. and he was a “God” send.

Mr. Dimopoulos was educated in England and speaks fluent Greek , German and English. He was able to create a plan of action and explain it to my husband and me in both our native languages. Mr. Dimopoulos has worked so hard to ensure my mother’s affairs are taken care of and most importantly explained each and every process we had to go through to regain control of my mother’s estate. My husband and me have so much confidence in his ability we have asked him to help us prepare for our retirement to Greece.

I have gone through many sleepless nights and anxiety filled days throughout the course of these legal procedures with my mother. After sharing these experiences with my own local Greek community I have found that I was not alone. Many Greek-Americans do not know where to start or do not know the Greek laws. While I endorse Mr. Dimopoulos I understand many will be apprehensive to give him a call. I truly do not want anyone to have to travel down the same road I did. If anyone needs help with problems in Greece , please give Mr Dimopoulos a call and if you would like to hear more details regarding my story please contact me at the above e-mail or phone numbers. Thank you for your time.

Anthoula Paschalidou Russo
August 22, 2016

"Happy Homeowners in Greece"

Dear Prospective Homeowners:
It is our immense pleasure to recommend Greek Real Estate Legal Services as a very effective holistic service provider for any individual or family searching for the ideal home for their unique situation. Since my wife decided to ‘remember’ her greek routes we thought it would be a great idea to buy a cottage style – summer shelter house.

Konstantinos Dimopoulos had an initial skype meeting with us and took diligent notes regarding our specific needs as well as our budgetary limitations. He is highly talented technologically and made excellent use of the relevant real estate databases and personal contacts to quickly find us a variety of homes for sale in the best districts of Halkidiki. He did not waste our time with homes that were out of our price range or not in line with our needs.

A master with the contract negotiations, Konstantinos came up with a deal that was good for us and made the seller happy as well. Being an American in a foreign country is not always an advantage since many would like to exploit on a foreigner’s ignorance. He knows Halkidiki and Pieria (where the mountain Olympus stands) like the back of his hand. There is nothing that escapes Konstantinos’s attention when it comes to property for sale in this area.

We found Konstantinos and the whole team to be highly attentive agents, almost as if we were their only customers, although we know that was not the case. He returned all phone calls and emails the same day. We never felt neglected or unimportant. He is also highly personable with an engaging personality.

We are pleased to recommend Greek Real Estate Legal Services to any American looking to buy or sell a home in Greece. They are hands down the best in the business in our opinion and if we ever needed to recommend any Greek legal and real estate expert they will be our first choice.

David R. Woodburn
Elena Liapi-Wooddurn
Happy Homeowners in Greece

"Nikolas Manoussis"

It is my privilege to recommend Greek Real Estate Legal Services , an excellent and well organized legal and real estate company. When I lost my grandfather in Greece I was very reluctant on anything that had to do with property in Greece and all the bureaucratic system caused me a headache. I decided to try although I was not very optimistic and thus a friend of mine recommended me to Greek Real Estate Legal Services.

The first thing they did was to determinate the assets and make a research for existing wills of my deceased grandfather. The next thing was for me to decide if I would accept or renounce the inheritance. I decided to accept it and in that process Konstantinos and his team submitted for me the tax declaration, payed the tax on my behalf, signed the acceptance of inheritance papers and submit them to the Land Registry Office responsible for the area of the property. They also clarified some issues with the Cadastre (Ktimatologio) since there is a strict deadline for the owners to register their property. In the opposite scenario, you lose your property, which will eventually be transferred to the Greek State.

Konstantinos is able to process large volumes of information quickly and formulate an effective strategy for each case that is assigned to his workload. He is very personable and easily gains the trust of clients with whom he works.

Konstantinos' exceptional writing and speaking skills have served him well during our co-operation and he is really the person to speak with if you need to finish quickly with minimum cost and maximum efficiency.

I am pleased to recommend Konstantinos and Greek Real Estate Legal Services. I believe their work would, not only meet, but exceed any expectations should you choose to trust him with your problem or property.

Nikolas Manoussis